Thursday, 3 September 2009

Open Your Mind, Open Your Miiiiiiind

Well yet again, Total Recall was on ITV2, so another chance to watch it, not just ITV2 mind, it was on ITV2+1 which meant I could watch even more of it!!

Great to see a bit more of the old Sharon Stone, and by a bit more, I don't mean in a 'Basic Instinct' type of way!

What a great film, Arnie really did make great films back then, and is sadly missed on the movie front that's for sure - it's about time he did another one, granted he may be a bit older now, but it would be quite good if he came back into the movies.

Other greats that I have watched of his recently include The Running Man & True Lies, good old far fetched Arnie films hey!!

"I'll be back"
"Only in a re-run!"


Sunday, 5 July 2009

What's it all about??

Nearly 20 years on, and I see that Total Recall is on ITV2 tonight, and still watching it through now, I'm thinking to myself, what the hell is it all about??

Did Arnie really go to Mars, or was it just his imagination running wild??

I do think this is a really good film, and I believe that at the time it was the most violent of it's genre, but it's still confusing as hell!

One of my favourite parts is the woman who turns out to be Arnie saying "two weeks", upon which her head seperates and reveals Arnie below!

"two weeks" - always makes me smile that!

Anyway, what are you thoughts? Please feel free to comment below...