Thursday, 3 September 2009

Open Your Mind, Open Your Miiiiiiind

Well yet again, Total Recall was on ITV2, so another chance to watch it, not just ITV2 mind, it was on ITV2+1 which meant I could watch even more of it!!

Great to see a bit more of the old Sharon Stone, and by a bit more, I don't mean in a 'Basic Instinct' type of way!

What a great film, Arnie really did make great films back then, and is sadly missed on the movie front that's for sure - it's about time he did another one, granted he may be a bit older now, but it would be quite good if he came back into the movies.

Other greats that I have watched of his recently include The Running Man & True Lies, good old far fetched Arnie films hey!!

"I'll be back"
"Only in a re-run!"



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